Kaspersky Lab Hacked Government Agency Leaks to Hackers

Kaspersky Lab was earlier known as known as Kaspersky IT Protection Company which is an award winning enterprise fire wall and malware software merchandise. Kaspersky Laboratory was created by an all-American group of online hackers who develop a program to patrol computers about the net blog universe. Kaspersky Lab was established in Russia. Kaspersky has developed a legendary reputation as one of the many strong and productive computer reliability tools. Lots of the worlds leading antivirus software vendors work with Kaspersky goods in their firewall/anti-malware applications.

When you are reading this then you must be thinking about learning how the elite Russian government cyber-terrorist are utilizing kaspersky anti virus program to protect against the U. S i9000. government cracking which has occurred previously? Well, the answer to that particular question with the following sentences, however , keep in mind that we are dealing with Russian authorities hackers here, not Offshore hackers or North Korean hackers. The U. S. National Security Agency (NSA) and U. S. Section of Homeland Security (DHS) have falsely accused Kaspersky Lab of being an european state financed hacker within a recent content posted on the Washington Content website. This article in question; explained that the NO-STRINGS-ATTACHED had personally accused Kaspersky Lab (a Russian online hackers company) of being a source for a few of it is malware and other viruses applied to a large range in episodes against the United States Military and civilian agencies.

Well, if the U. T. government is usually accusing an european company of hacking in to government agencies, firms, even the ALL OF US House of Representatives, then one has to request: “Did the government itself to admit that they are using kaspersky anti virus malware issues home computer network as part of a a contingency plan to protect the United States out of Russian cyber criminals? ” The answer then is: No . As though the fact the fact that United States is normally taking resist measures to stop such cyber attacks was not enough, at this time they are accusing a Russian organization of robbing government categorised documents and leaking them to the cyber criminals. It appears to my opinion that the Usa is trying to start out a internet war with Russia at this time, one that might fail completely due to our inability to get our classified facts from the Russian government by way of our own federal government agency and use it to launch web attacks on our own computer networks.

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